Monday, January 11, 2010

partnership announcement

 Data Applied

hIghQ BI Consulting Services is pleased to announce a new partnership with Data Applied.

Data Applied is a small technology startup located in Western Washington State. They are passionate about distributed computing, data mining algorithms, applied statistics, and data visualization.

For years, large companies (ex: banks, insurers, retailers) have reaped the benefits of data mining to optimize their business. However, because of tremendous complexity and high costs, automated analysis has remained out of reach for small- and medium-sized businesses. Data Applied is changing the rules of the game by offering affordable, Web-based Data Mining and Business Intelligence solutions.

Data Applied revolutionizes data-driven decision making by integrating rich analytics, data mining, and information visualization capabilities - all using a zero footprint Web interface, collaboration features, and a secure XML Web API. By extracting valuable knowledge from data in domains as varied as Web Analytics, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Social Sciences or Non-Profit, this fantastic software is helping organizations make better data-driven decisions and improve efficiency.

If you're interested in exploring how Data Applied's web-based software can help you take back the reins on your business performance, you can visit their website here:

hIghQ is rapidly developing their expertise within the Data Applied BI Suite, and will be ready to assist you with your implementation very soon.

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